Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today I just laid down on my daughter's floor and put my feet on the warm glass to soak up some vitamin D and quite honestly to just make it all stop for a minute or two.  Stop the creative juices that sometimes overflow and make me feel like I am drowning.  Stop the memories and wonderings of how it is possible that my son just turned 8 years old.  Stop my body from trying so hard to keep up and keep going when it is really begging me to take a break.

So I drifted off and imagined myself resting on a beach as the heavy salt water air covered me like a blanket and the palm trees rustled in the slight breeze.  The sun's golden rays calmed every cell in my body and just for a few glorious moments, I stopped.

I hope you find some time to do the same.

Be Well.


  1. Oh that sounds heavenly. I am going to do that this weekend. I remember 8. I loved 8 so much. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.

  2. i don't think it's a stop. i believe it's more of a pause. a stop is passive ceasing of activity. a pause is like recharging, preparing for the next project, day, job, collision, or whatever it is in the most relaxing, most familiar, most comfortable way to you.

    and when you say stop, you're eliminating the possibility of continuation, which i believe, never occured to you. anyway, keep your sun time session. it's salubrious. greetings from manila. :)

  3. Ah....yes. I will stop, soak up the sun, sit in the moment today and just be. Much needed peace break.