Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kindergarten Blues

This may be one of those posts that goes all over the place so hang tight....It hasn't been an easy couple weeks for my sweet, spirited boy or for his mama.  He's the one that pulls me in and breaks me apart and I just well, worry.  I worry that he'll be the one that is always to blame, that they won't see his big heart because they are too busy hearing his big voice and rough movements and that he will shrink away.  I worry he will start to feel less than and that he will be so hard on himself because I already see it happening.  And here I was thinking sending the second one off to Kindergarten would be easier as he seems to just roll with the punches....unfortunately he throws them too (that made me laugh a little, it's good to laugh, kind of sick of the tears).
Today I read a great e-mail, one of those forwards that I usually just delete, but this one came at the right time and it was one of those lists of things to remember about life.  The one that really hit me was, "Your children only get one childhood."  They only get one and I want them to have a blast and have fond memories.  I had a great childhood.  Sure I struggled some, we all did, but I can honestly look back and say I have such fond memories.  That statement just kind of hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized that it isn't all about me anymore.  I had my time.  It is all about them now and I need to do my darndest to make it the best childhood they can have.  I'm not saying it's time to put all my hobbies and passions aside completely, but it is time to not stress so much about what I want to do and instead focus more on what my children need. 
Like I said, this post is all over the place, but I just needed to get it out.  So here's to childhood, their childhood, may it be campfires and ghost stories, beach days and starry nights, sports and pizza parties and so much more.  Here's to my boy keeping his chin up and loving who he is cause he's amazing and I'm going to make darn sure that he knows it and that everyone sees it too!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School Days, School Days

My baby boy started Kindergarten today!!!!  I have to say that I thought I would be fine but there were some moments when I teared up thinking about how time flies.  Today I stayed with him....tomorrow I kick him out the door wave good bye from the fence.
After school we went out for burgers and a Rootbeer Float and talked about how his day went...then he asked me how babies get in mommy's bellies....I told him I'm sure his Kindergarten teacher will talk about that later, hee, hee.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oh my must watch this!!
It made me miss Wisconsin...
It made me sad that summer is ending....
It made me want a jean shirt....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Art Sale!!!!!!

I can't bring myself to call it an "End of Summer" art sale because I am not ready to let go of summer, BUT my boys start school on Wed. so it does kinda feel like we're moving into fall (even though it is still 100 degrees confusing).
Let's get to the art.....these beauties need new homes....they are all originals!!!!  Shipping will be additional to the below prices.  If you are interested in any of the below pieces please E-mail me at:

 Monster Love: $200 (mixed media on canvas)

Flower Girl: $75 (mixed media on wood)
Magical Moon: $30 (mixed media on canvas)

Out of the Blue: $30 (mixed media on canvas)
Born in my heart: $45 (mixed media on canvas)
Fierce Beauty: $125 (mixed media on canvas)
Dreams of Ethiopia: $75 (mixed media on wood)
White Owl: $75 (mixed media on canvas....canvas stained with cool)
Create: $85 (mixed media on canvas)
Grey Skies: $75 (mixed media on canvas)
Walk Away Beautiful: $250 (mixed media on canvas)
Road Home: $35 (mixed media on wood)
Fairytale: $45 (mixed media on canvas)
Worry Free: $185 (mixed media on canvas)
Bloom: $30(Mixed Media on canvas)
Beautiful You: $30 (Mixed Media on Canvas)
Moon Lady: $25(Mixed Media on Chipboard)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Engagement Photography Session

I recently got to spend a couple hours with Sophie and Brendan at the Riverside University that they both attended.  They were both in theater so we made sure to capture a few photos outside the studio where they performed.  It was so obvious to me that they are a fun, sweet couple and I am so excited to photograph their wedding this September!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Well Hello....

Just stopping by to tell you that, well, I miss you, and I am having an awfully hard time figuring out this balancing stuff.  Photography, art, editing, Facebooking (that's probably a word by now, right?), blogging, oh and trying to remember to feed my kids.  Ugh!!  Joking aside, I really am not quite sure how to do it, but I know that the way I have been going is not working :(  Mostly, I am finding that I am spending way too much time behind a computer and it literally starts to make me feel sick...does anyone else get that?  I seriously think there is a technology sickness....I envision it sucking my rainbow energy vibes out of my body through the screen (what? you didn't know I had rainbow energy vibes?  everybody does;). 

Here's a bit of a plan I am working on.....
-One day a week of NO computer use!!!!
Okay, that's all I have for I said, just a "bit" of a plan ;)  I think (and hope and pray) that once I learn more about editing with Photoshop I will get faster which will mean less time at the computer...that's a bit more of the plan.

In the meantime....what are your strategies and suggestions for living a more balanced life?  For the record, I think "balance" is bologna, but I do think there is a "more" balanced place to be and I need to get there.

Just wanted to share some photography news.....
My lovely friend and model, Rebecca had her sweet baby boy Zeke (more pics of sweet baby boy to come)....Is it weird that I want to eat that baby....why do we always say that?? What, are we gerbils?Kinda gross people ;)

I was featured on this blog for my Baby Shower shoot of my other beautiful friend and model, Nena, who's baby is due any day now.....

I'm expecting to see some comments below about balance....give it to me!!!
Be Well....