Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful Maternity Shoot-San Diego Area Photographer

On a beautiful golden evening I fell in love......with Maternity Photography (may have creeped out Rebecca there for a second;).  Rebecca and her husband Ben are expecting their 3rd boy in just a couple weeks.  Thank goodness she is a workout goddess because she will need all that energy to keep up with those boys.  Well, not only does she have energy, but she also has SO much beauty....take a peek....and make it to the bottom so you can see our question/answer section!!!!

Okay, let's get a little dramatic.......

-What cravings have you had during your pregnancy??
     Kind of a boring craving but fruit has been my obsession:)
-Do you have a name picked out and will you share??
     Ezekiel and we will call him Zeke
-What is the best thing about being pregnant?
     People really go out of their way to be nice and thoughtful when you are pregnant.  I also love getting away with almost anything and blaming it on being pregnant;)
-What is the worst thing about being pregnant?
     Being so uncomfortable at the end and the insomnia...oh yeah, and the thought of the upcoming labor!
-Moo Moo or lingerie?
     Most certainly Moo Moo!!!
-How long do you think your labor will be?
     I would guess maybe 6 hours or less since my first was quick, yikes!
-Drugs or no-drugs (to be clear I am talking about labor;)?
     No drugs.  I know, I'm crazy.
-If you could time it and have one last "splurge" meal what would it be??
     Butterscotch pudding followed by your famous cheesecake:)