Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was hit hard with sickness this week, the kind that makes you feel like a kid again with the fever, chills, head pounding awfulness.  In my delirium I kept thinking of all the things I wanted to do, but couldn't.  I was so delirious I think I even wanted to clean the that's sick!!  Finally I found the voice that said, "Just rest, it is not the end of the world, you will have time once you are well." 

When I was getting married 9ish years ago I remember being so stressed to take 3 weeks off from my Occupational Therapy private practice.  I thought I would lose clients, my co-workers would hate me, I wouldn't be able to pay the bills, etc, etc, etc.  One of the moms of a sweet little boy I worked with said, "Harmony, the world will not stop and it will all be here for you when you get back."  Such great advice.  So off I went with my new husband to France and Italy and what an adventure it was.

Sometimes you have to step away and know that everything will be okay.  Health comes first, bottom line.  The richness of your experiences will be so much richer when you are feeling well.  So take some time to take care of yourself!!  Personally, I'm heading back to bed.

Oh, but do stop back tomorrow to read my Friday Feature Artist interview with Jennifer Mercede, she shares such great insight into how to "let go" and "break the rules"!!!

Be Well.


  1. love that advice. must take care of yourself first...couldn't agree more. This is really when I wish we could live closer and I could come over and take the kids, make a meal, bring you ibubrofen. ;)

  2. Great advise! I needed to hear that today. I was just stressing myself out with all the things I must do!! Soooo Take care of yourself girley!!! Life will still be here when you get back!

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