Thursday, March 22, 2012


Good morning.  In my spare time (none) am reading a book about Creative Women and one of the sections I found fascinating was about rituals that people use to spark their creativity.  Do you have some to share? I would love to hear yours in the comments.  So, in general I can be quite Obsessive ritualistic. And let's just say that it runs in the family.  My Dad (sorry dad;) lines up his morning routine the night before....floss, toothbrush, comb, deodorant....I'm sure I got the order wrong and he will be E-mailing me later to correct me.  He also dips his tea bag 45 times in his hot water in the morning.  When I'm home we like to mess with him just a little and put the toothbrush in the wrong place....we're crazy like that ;)  To get my creative juices going I get up early in the morning before all my little monsters beautiful children, I was making coffee, but have recently been told (darn Doctor/Satan) to switch to tea, I light a candle or incense, put my music on and pull out something to paint on.  I can't stand a blank canvas so I usually just start throwing some color on there to get the juices flowing.

What are your creative rituals??  Please do share ;)

Here's a peak at our morning around here.  Have a wonderful day.  Oh, and you MUST check back tomorrow as my Friday Feature Artist interview is with the amazingly talented and inspiring Danielle Daniel.

Oh, and here's what's on my Easel today....I think I am going to do a Monster Series....So Fun!!


  1. I always have music playing when I "work" in my studio and I often light a candle too. I really like your monster painting and think a series would be great. BTW, what the heck was that green and pinky liquid pouring out of the glass. Peace, Donna

  2. rediscovering past loves for me. i listen to the music i like when i was young, i read poetry aloud like i did in high school, i eat. haha. and i doodle, scribble, write something. they say that those who doodle tend to think more. :)

  3. I think the only rituals I have involve making large messes! Your monster art is very funky- would love to see more! (Your kiddos look pretty adorable to me so I am not sure where you will find monster models;).

  4. Fun post with great images, Harmony. I can almost taste the ... are those crepes?