Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today Was Great!!!

 Today started out with a beautiful sunrise.  I watched the glowing sky while sipping my coffee and planning the steps to my upcoming art class.
 The girls arrived and settled in brimming with excitment and anticipation.  I just love working with this age (8-13) as they are blooming with possibility and are able to accept guidance and inspiration.
 I took photos of them jumping a couple of days ago and each girl used their cut out photo as a mask to let the first layers of paint show through as they continued to layer paint.  We used stamps and stencils and found objects to create texture and interest. 
There were moments of uncertainty and angst as they were faced with decisions about color and design but with guidance from their classmates (and a little from me) they were able to let go and trust in the process.  At one point I even heard one student say, "I'm just going to trust myself."  Ahhh...that's it right there....Trust Yourself!!!
In the end they created masterpieces of color and words that were personal to them.  I hope they treasure their works of art as much as I treasured our time together.


  1. So freaking cool, I want to do this but don't have an artistic bone in my body

  2. Harmony....this looks amazing! What a wonderful concept for these girls! Is it weird that I want to be one of the girls in your class? ;)
    so fun!!!

  3. You are so creative. I didn't know you taught. Looks like you do it well!

  4. so lovely to meet you Harmony! These are awesome.. i teach kids art classes here in Australia too and I never cease to be amazed and inspired by them. I also work in special ed with kids with aspergers so it seems we have a lot in common..whereabouts in San Diego are you? My husband is originally from Carlsbad :)