Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rose Bowl 2012

Well, I wore my red cowgirl boots in hopes of bringing good luck to the Wisconsin Badgers (my alma mater) at this year's Rose Bowl.  They were in the Rose Bowl last year too, which we also attended, and they lost....so anything we could do to bring a different outcome....we did.

My oldest wore his red and made as much noise as possible with his football clapper....

My younger son painted his face red and cheered, "Let's Go Badgers" around every Oregon Duck fan that he saw....they were quite impressed with his 4 yr old bravado ;)

There's just something about a stadium filled with energy and hope and music and sunshine, but in the end.....we went home heartbroken again.  Now that some of the disappointment has worn off I must say it was an incredible game and a family experience we will never forget.  Third time's a charm??? Let's hope!!!! 

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  1. Hi hon....I was thinking of you at the Rose Bowl and of you there last year with Abby girl. ;) Love those red boots! I need a pair!

    The blog is looking great! I like the idea of having one blog...I may go back to that eventually.

    Take Care!