Monday, January 9, 2012


On Saturday night I headed to Studio CRESCENDOh to celebrate the release of Jenny Doh's beautiful book Creative Pilgrimage.
On the first Saturday of the month all the galleries open their doors..... there was beautiful art to be inspired by and......
....don't forget the delicious smells wafting through the streets from the food trucks that are all the new rage (and rightfully so, yum).
Oh and of'course there were artists in spike helmets standing in windows doing live art demonstrations.
I had a wonderful time with friends and the atmosphere was festive, yet dreamy.....speaking of dreamy... felt pretty dreamy to have one of my art pieces up on the wall for all to see.  Thank you Jenny for the display and thank you for all that you do to inspire and bring people together.


  1. Found ya through facebook! That was a fun night!! But girl I've got to say that photo of me is HORRIBLE - if anything it has motivated me to at least do my hair instead of relying on that pony - LOL!! Your art is fabulous and I hope to see you in a few weeks to get our paint on! xoxo Jen-Eve

  2. Wow, I just clicked over here, and your art is beautiful! I'm so impressed. (It's snowing today in WI. ;))