Thursday, January 19, 2012

For The Record....

For the record I am actually quite funny.  I realize that some of these posts are, well, rather in jump off the nearest bridge depressing, yikes.  So before I give you my next wha wha story I just want it to go on record that, well, I am actually quite funny.
I threw my back out.  I don't even know what that means, at least I didn't until a day ago and now, oh my goodness...ouch!!!  I put my baby girl in her highchair and couldn't get her out.  Yep, poor girl kept saying, "Out Mama," and I kept saying, "Um, I'm not sure how I'm going to do that...but I love you, and now I must either call the fire department or your father." And as much as I dig the whole uniform thing, I thought it would be slightly embarrassing to call 911 to get my baby out of her high chair.  I did figure out how to get her out since waiting the hour that it takes my husband to get home would have been a whole lot of cookies (for her and me).
Once my hubby got home I layed on my back and looked at the view below for a couple hours thinking, "Wow, I really should've done a better job painting those line"...yep, pretty exciting.

UGH.....getting older sucks.....see, wasn't that funny.

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  1. Ha! I too read some of my posts and think, damn, this makes me sound like I'm a morbid person and I'm so NOT. Scorpios, think deep, that's all on all levels. I think because we know the darkness we revel in the joy and happiness 90% of the time.