Saturday, December 15, 2012

Come Undone

I wanted to start back blogging by telling you all the fun family holiday activities we've been doing. But I can't.  I wanted to talk about how my oldest got Student of the Week and my Kindergartner is learning to spell some words and my 2 year old is potty trained.  But I can't.  I can't celebrate my children's accomplishments and joy right now because there are families across the country waking up to the unfathomable realization that their child is still gone.  Shot.  Killed.
I have come undone with this news.  I feel like the world has a bit.
When I picked my boys up from school yesterday I looked around at all the parents holding their kids a little bit tighter.  Older kids looking at their parents with confusion, wondering where this desperate display of affection was coming from.  I held it together when I got my 3rd grader, but when I walked to the Kindergarten gates and saw all those sweet babies with backpacks on bigger than their bodies and smiles on their faces bigger than life I just couldn't hold it in and the tears started to flow.  As my Kindergartner came bounding toward me I thought of all the mothers and fathers waiting and wishing for this moment and then finding out that theirs was one of the fallen and I just couldn't take it.....I just can't take it.
So tell me.....How do we drop our kids off at school on Monday and tell them to "have a good day"?  How do we take them to the mall and enjoy our Holiday shopping?  How do we take them to a movie and enjoy the show?
So Tell me.....How do we get rid of these guns???



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  2. yes, how do we tell them to "have a good day"? ..tears in my eyes...
    And for God's sake, how do we get RID of these guns!
    It is time...and long over due.

    (btw, I accidently left my comment under my Serendipity 7 blog account...that is why the first comment was deleted)