Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!!!

    (Photo by Harmony Pyper Studio. Print available here: Fresh Words Market)

What do you remember from your childhood Holiday season?
I was recently reading my favorite publication, Kinfolk, and there was an article by Rebecca Parker Payne talking about remembering family traditions from the past as well as creating new ones in the present.  As she sifted through her memories of her childhood holiday traditions I was struck by the lack of "things" and the abundance of moments.  Moments that trigger the senses....the smell of cookies baking, the sound of music and laughter, the warmth of a crackling fire.  I began to recall my family traditions and sure enough, what I remember the most is how I felt when we were all together.  I remember the lights turned down low, the French Onion soup being ladled into heavy bowls and John Denver serenading us with his soothing Christmas songs.
Sure there are a few "things" I remember receiving.  I remember Michael Jackson's Thriller album playing on the turn table as I came down the stairs Christmas morning.  I remember the cherished jacket that I saw on Christmas Eve, while shopping with my dad, that somehow appeared on Christmas morning to my teenage delight. I think about these "things" that I remember and I realize that it's really the emotion of the moment that secured that memory in my brain.  It's the look on my dad's face when that album was playing.  It's knowing the effort my parents made to drive back into town to get that jacket that I just had to have. 
Mostly though, I remember the boardgames Christmas Eve and all the Christmas movies we would line up to watch.  I remember my mom's rosy cheeks in the kitchen as she pulled out all our traditional dishes and I remember the dancing we would do in the kitchen as those dishes cooked.  Oh, and I even love the memory of my aunt and uncle falling asleep on the couch and snoring loudly as we tried to finish watching Scrooged for the millionth time!!

So this Holiday Season as you hustle around trying to find that very last gift just remember to save a little time and energy to create and enjoy what truly matters.....The Moments!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


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  1. Love this~ happy holidays! Here's to new wonderful memories!