Monday, September 24, 2012

Bakery Maternity Session-Southern CA Photographer

Knowing that this beautiful Mama to be is such a great baker we decided to do a very "Sweet" maternity session in their beautiful home in San Diego.

Nena and Steve did not know the gender of their baby so they frosted blue and pink cupcakes to represent both boy and girl.....hmmm.....which color frosting do you think won out?

Stay tuned for the answer to the Blue vs. Pink frosting debate ;)


Looks like their doggie Rusty was ready for a taste!!!!!

Steve gets the first taste......

....and a little smooshed in his face for fun.....
Looks like they both had a little "fun" with the frosting!!!

Steve headed out to play fetch with Rusty.....
....and Nena got ready to put the final touches on the dreamy yellow Coconut Cream cake...
You can just see the artistry in her expression as she carefully placed the toasted coconut around the sides and top of the cake.
The masterpiece is completed!!
Time to serve it up....I swear I didn't drool on the cake ;)
The layers of ginger butter cream frosting were so thick and creamy throughout the cake.
One piece for hubby.....
...and one piece for ME!!!!  I'm pretty sure all my sessions will be bakery inspired from here on out ;)
And now the answer to the Blue vs. Pink frosting debate:BLUE!!!!!
Pictures of sweet baby Rhett coming soon.......

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