Thursday, August 2, 2012

Well Hello....

Just stopping by to tell you that, well, I miss you, and I am having an awfully hard time figuring out this balancing stuff.  Photography, art, editing, Facebooking (that's probably a word by now, right?), blogging, oh and trying to remember to feed my kids.  Ugh!!  Joking aside, I really am not quite sure how to do it, but I know that the way I have been going is not working :(  Mostly, I am finding that I am spending way too much time behind a computer and it literally starts to make me feel sick...does anyone else get that?  I seriously think there is a technology sickness....I envision it sucking my rainbow energy vibes out of my body through the screen (what? you didn't know I had rainbow energy vibes?  everybody does;). 

Here's a bit of a plan I am working on.....
-One day a week of NO computer use!!!!
Okay, that's all I have for I said, just a "bit" of a plan ;)  I think (and hope and pray) that once I learn more about editing with Photoshop I will get faster which will mean less time at the computer...that's a bit more of the plan.

In the meantime....what are your strategies and suggestions for living a more balanced life?  For the record, I think "balance" is bologna, but I do think there is a "more" balanced place to be and I need to get there.

Just wanted to share some photography news.....
My lovely friend and model, Rebecca had her sweet baby boy Zeke (more pics of sweet baby boy to come)....Is it weird that I want to eat that baby....why do we always say that?? What, are we gerbils?Kinda gross people ;)

I was featured on this blog for my Baby Shower shoot of my other beautiful friend and model, Nena, who's baby is due any day now.....

I'm expecting to see some comments below about balance....give it to me!!!
Be Well....

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  1. Well. I am hoping that back to school will help with the balance by cutting out one meal a day I have to feed the kids. :-)
    Does that count? LOL
    The pictures are gorgeous and that baby is tooooo cute for words.