Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Art Sale!!!!!!

I can't bring myself to call it an "End of Summer" art sale because I am not ready to let go of summer, BUT my boys start school on Wed. so it does kinda feel like we're moving into fall (even though it is still 100 degrees confusing).
Let's get to the art.....these beauties need new homes....they are all originals!!!!  Shipping will be additional to the below prices.  If you are interested in any of the below pieces please E-mail me at:

 Monster Love: $200 (mixed media on canvas)

Flower Girl: $75 (mixed media on wood)
Magical Moon: $30 (mixed media on canvas)

Out of the Blue: $30 (mixed media on canvas)
Born in my heart: $45 (mixed media on canvas)
Fierce Beauty: $125 (mixed media on canvas)
Dreams of Ethiopia: $75 (mixed media on wood)
White Owl: $75 (mixed media on canvas....canvas stained with cool)
Create: $85 (mixed media on canvas)
Grey Skies: $75 (mixed media on canvas)
Walk Away Beautiful: $250 (mixed media on canvas)
Road Home: $35 (mixed media on wood)
Fairytale: $45 (mixed media on canvas)
Worry Free: $185 (mixed media on canvas)
Bloom: $30(Mixed Media on canvas)
Beautiful You: $30 (Mixed Media on Canvas)
Moon Lady: $25(Mixed Media on Chipboard)


  1. I am your biggest fan! I want to pick a month this winter to feature your large canvases on the curtain wall behind my retail counter. It's so colorful & fun & dreamy. :-)

    1. That would be amazing Matthew!!! Thank you!!!

  2. I am holding on tightly to summer too! I don't want it to go away. My daughter starts Wednesday as well, and the only positive to that is there may be less fighting with her brother! :) I popped over from Crescendoh and I am so glad I did. Love your blog, art, and photography!