Tuesday, April 10, 2012

World Peace

On Saturday we went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  The sun was shining bright and with my health restored and my sister visiting I was feeling so light and happy I thought I might just float away into the bright blue sky.  But I didn't....and thank goodness or I would've missed the beautiful moment below.  As my boys headed off to their age group areas where they all tackle each other for plastic eggs and sugar coated cookies (because cookies need more sugar), my sister and I stayed with my little girl (below on the left) to witness her first Easter Egg hunt.  And boy was she ready....we literally had to hold her back.  Now my girl is a tough cookie, but let me now tell you the sweetness that happened below.....

My beautiful little girl was going for the bag of fruit snacks (and let me tell you, she loves her fruit snacks almost more than she loves Elmo....almost) at the same time the other little girl was going for them.  Well, my aggressive assertive girl got there first and grabbed them, but then she looked at the little girl's face and handed them to her.  At this point we all started gushing, my sister, the girl's mom and I, "Oh, that is so sweet.  Such nice sharing!!!"  BUT it wasn't over.....

Then the flower-dressed girl turned and put the fruit snacks in my daughter's bucket!!!  I think the whole park full of people paused as we all GASPED at this stunning exchange. 

World Peace people....World Peace!!!!

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  1. If only those two were running the world. Maybe someday?