Saturday, February 4, 2012


So I kinda slacked this week on blogging...sorry about that.  Last weekend was rough (healthwise) so I just needed the week to re-group....still working on that a bit, but have made some progress.  I think I may have a Fructose Malabsorption issue....anyone have this or know someone who does???  I have been following a FODMAP diet and it does seem to be helping.  I'm still working out some kinks but have found some HOPE again.  HOPE is key isn't it?? It's hard to hang onto it for so long, and it's okay to lose it once in awhile and just let go (pretty much me last Sunday) but when you have such sweet faces looking at you you just have to pull up those bootstraps, get some more information, formulate a plan and have HOPE.
So here's our week in photos......have a wonderful weekend and Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!!
Some of my artwork will be displayed at American Sanctuary, a local Gallery/Design store, so I dropped it off this week...very exciting!!!
My little ones enjoyed Rootbeer floats....
....I enjoyed a beautiful sunny "winter" day that felt like spring!!!
The boys played video games while I made.......
.....Gluten Free pancakes.  I wasn't too fond of this mix (does anyone have recommendations?) but my kids asked for seconds so I guess they weren't too bad (when smothered with butter, cinnamon and syrup;)!!

Hoping to be blogging more next week, along with a big announcement, so stay tuned......xoxo

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