Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Kitchen Table Review

I am really having a lot of fun with kids?? Well, they keep asking why I'm taking pictures of them eating, ha.  I am hoping to make a photobook of this at the end of the year to capture the memories and to watch the changes.  Have you thought about doing something like this??  Maybe choose a different time of you love bedtime with PJs?  Or how about just doing once a week in front of the same tree....I guarantee you will be amazed when you look back at the end of the year.  Days go so fast that we just don't catch the little changes that are happening before our eyes....get your camera out and capture them.


  1. I love this....each moment has it own sweetness. you will be so happy to have captured this "time" of day!

  2. the one of your son asleep on the table is priceless!! you will have quite a treasure at the end of the year.