Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazing On-Line class

Sorry I have been a little quiet lately...I've been taking an amazing on-line art class from Katie Kendrick. The above picture is a painted over collage.  I am learning so much and most importantly having a wonderful time.  I even jump (ok, not jump, but still) out of bed at 5 am to see what the daily art assignment is and for those that know me (and know that I am not a morning person) that means it must be good ;)
Have a wonderful weekend...
p.s. HUGE Etsy store sale coming in October (it's my favorite month;)


  1. You've gotta know that this is an awesome piece of art. I looked through your other paintings and I enjoyed them too! Beautiful blog banner and fun blog to read!

  2. This girlie is awesome!! She has real character and interest..and I love her color too. This is a fantastic class!! I really enjoy your blog!! :D

  3. I SO wanted to take this class, but didn't have the fundage... I hope she offers again at a later date! Your painting is awesome! :-)